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PermaJet's new FB Mono Gloss Baryta is a true baryta paper with an appealing glazed gloss surface on a fine art heavyweight base of 320gsm.
This inkjet paper has been specifically developed with a natural white base tint to emulate the surface finish, texture and coating of traditional darkroom baryta/fibre based papers, making it the perfect choice for the serious monochrome worker.
The silky smooth high gloss coating has been meticulously applied directly onto a true baryta layer and fibre base enabling its users to create intense, rich blacks and creamy whites.
Superb detail and definition can be achieved with its extended tonal range and excellent archival properties.
The surface exhibits a high degree of glossiness, density and vibrancy. An astounding DMAX reading of 2.38 makes this the perfect media for outstanding black and white reproductions - and even if you only print colour, its unique appearance opens up a whole new way of presenting the qualities of your printed image.
Try this amazing new media today!

A4 Launch pack 10 sheets 12.71
A4 25 sheets 26.31
A3 Launch pack 10 sheets 22.91
A3 25 sheets 50.96
A3+ 25 sheets 63.71
A2 25 sheets 101.96

17" x 15m Roll 90.06
24" x 15m Roll 121.51
44" x 15m Roll 208.21